Mirror Lake, Yosemite

We walked the trail to Mirror Lake in Yosemite Valley. Other kids were in the water and Jeff and Mark finally climbed out on a rock and jumped in. They got out of the water fast though - and all cold water since has been compared to Mirror Lake. August 13, 1982.

As soon as the boys would hit the water, they would start swimming as hard as they could for the shore. Then they would sun for a while before jumping in again.

Lunch at Mirror Lake

We walked to Mirror Lake in Yosemite Valley and had our lunch there. We joked about this Stellar's jay lusting after Brenda's apple. August 13, 1982.

White Collar Squirrel

We saw a lot of these large squirrels with white bands around their necks. This one was hanging out near our lunch spot at Mirror Lake. August 13, 1982.

How's This for a Ponderosa Pine?

Jeff poses to show the scale of this enormous ponderosa pine in Yosemite Valley. August 13, 1982.

Upper Cascade, Yosemite Falls

August 13, 1982.

Tioga Pass
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Trip Day 13
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