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August 5: To the South Rim, Grand Canyon

We broke camp, Brenda fixed a hot breakfast and we headed for the Flagstaff VW dealer. On the way, near the KOA, we spotted a small clean VW shop and the guy said he could get me in about 9 AM and finish in an hour and a half. He actually started a little past ten and finished a little past noon, but I expected that. There was no serious problem - a tight right bearing, but all bearings in good shape. Two valves had started to close up and he set them. We bought lunch and headed for Grand Canyon.

In looking at Highway 180 on the map, I had envisioned it as a desert road, but it turned out to be a hilly road throuth the Kaibab National Forest. The forest consisted of ponderosa pine with an occasional beautiful stand of aspen. There was also an abundance of wildflowers. We passed a marker which said Altitude 8000 ft and went higher. We then descended past 7000 ft and the land opened up to a plain with grass and small trees.

We checked into the Bedrock Campground at the intersectioon of Highways 180 and 64 and headed north for the Canyon.

We viewed the canyon first at the traditional first view - Mather Point. Jeff seemed more impressed than Mark. We were very pleased that the boys could see something like this so early in their lives. It is really hard to believe - hard to take in! We walked along the trail at Mather Point, hearing at least half a dozen different languages from a very international group. Mark was impressed with the little squirrels - one ate out of his hand.

We drove around a bit, collected information and checked the campground. They told us the chances were good if we showed up at 8 AM. We then drove back to the Bedrock campground for the night. It had electricity only, was a flat gravel parking lot - but we (Brenda and I) were delighted to not have to go back to the madhouse Flagstaff KOA. It was peaceful and you could see the distant blue mountains toward Flagstaff. We had traveled 123 miles this day.

Map for Day 5
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