Overlooking the Kaibab Trail from Yaki Point, Early Morning

In retrospect, we had seen some of the Kaibab Trail from our vantage point for the sunrise. August 6, 1982.

Switchbacks on Kaibab Trail

The Top of the Kaibab Trail

This was our first closeup view of the Kaibab Trail. We immediately met a column of mules with riders coming up the trail. Jeff is shown down on the trail about to meet the mules. August 6, 1982.

Mule Column on Kaibab Trail

From the top of the Kaibab Trail, we had a good view of a column of mules and riders which was just reaching the top. I was amazed at the steepness of the walls alongside which the trail ran.

Mark and Jeff Yield to Mule Column

Mark, Jeff and Mules on Kaibab Trail

Rod, Jeff and Mark went about a mile and a half down the Kaibab Trail from Yaki Point. In this view, the mules are approaching the top of the trail. Mark and Jeff have passed them and are on the trail below them. August 6, 1982.

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Trip Day 6
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