Leaving New York City Harbor

September 22, 1966

We left Atlanta at 6:30 am to fly to New York. Brenda Shoemaker came to the airport and brought some carnations for Brenda. Harvey and Erselle Driskell came also. Brenda's Mother and Dad, Granny Dawson and Aunt Katherine brought us to the airport.

We arrived at Newark airport and checked into Manhattan Hotel. We could see the SS United States at dock from our room on the 26th floor. We went to Battery Park via subway and rode the Staten Island Ferry. This was Brenda's first trip to New York City. We then had a look at the Empire State Building and strolled down 5th Avenue. We went to Radio City Music Hall for the evening stage show.

September 23, 1966

View of Manhattan as we pulled out the East River from the New York City harbor on the way to North Wales for a year's post-doctoral appointment at the University College of North Wales in Bangor. We were on board the USS United States. From this angle the Empire State Building dominates the skyline. September 23, 1966

We had gone to the dock early to see and then to board the gleaming hulk of the USS United States for our trip to England.

This was a time of high adventure for Brenda and Rod. Near the end of his research work at Georgia Tech, he had received inquiries from Professor John Sheridan of the University College of North Wales who was looking for a Post-doctoral Research Associate. John Sheridan had been a colleague of one of Rod's research advisors, Dr. Quitman Williams while he was at Duke. The appointment had been worked out and we were finally on our way across the Atlantic.

We tried to get sort of formal, well-coiffed pictures, but finally gave up and let Brenda's hair blow in the wind.

As the tug guided us out the river, we enjoyed sights which were quite new to us. The dramatic Manhattan skyline, the docks and bridges, all the waterfront structures associated with the shipping industry.

Busy shipping as we left New York.

Statue of Liberty

The USS United States passed close by Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty on our way out of New York City. September 23, 1966

Tug Highlights Receding New York

I like the view of tugs and barges. This one nicely highlighted the scene of the distant Manhattan skyline as we increased our distance from New York. September 23, 1966

Instead of going straight to England, we made a brief stop at a foggy Le Havre, France. Rod always liked watching the tugs, and the shipping activity was interesting. After a brief stop, we headed for Southhampton, England.

Since this was the first time either of us had been on a big ship like this, we were fascinated with the huge ropes and chains which were used to dock and anchor the ship.

Trains in the UK

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