Birds Along the Menai Strait

We enjoyed living on the seaside for the first time in our lives. The birds of the Menai Strait were a particular pleasure. We watched the gulls and all the wading birds along the shore. The herring gulls like the one at left were always present. When the wind was particularly high, we would walk the couple of blocks down to the pier and watch them play in the wind.

Rod caught these oystercatchers in flight alongside the road south from Beaumaris. The trees on the Menai Strait gave some cover from which to watch the birds on the shore. This photo is a pleasure because it was a sight we saw many times, but which was very difficult to capture on film.

The large flight took quite a while to pass. These waters are rich in food for them I suppose, judging by their number.

The herring gull was by far the most common bird around Beaumaris. We enjoyed them and spent hours watching their aerobatic antics near the Beaumaris pier.

This is the immature plumage of the herring gull.

The Caernarvon Castle

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