Wildflowers on Anglesey Walks

This single snowdrop has a far greater meaning for me than it would at first appear. Early in the year we would find the snowdrops in abundance, just about the earliest flower to appear. Tiny and unspectacular, we probably tromped them by the dozens. But on one particular occasion I decided to pick one up and look at the inside of it.

I was amazed at the delicate and intricate inner structure of this simple flower. We had been to see a lot of ornate cathedrals and my reaction was, "the inside of this is as intricate as a cathedral!" The more I thought about that, the more it affected me. Brenda and I had stretched out across the Atlantic and had had so many new experiences, that it was like we were redefining and thinking about who we were and who we were going to be. The thing that touched me about this experience was the thought that God had lavished such care on this tiny simple flower which we had been trampling. That care of the Creator had extended even to the inner part of the flower which I might never have seen. Perhaps the seed of that experience has grown in me as a deep reverence for the things that God has created, including us as human beings. And it has influenced me to try to do everything with a kind of care which pays tribute to the Creator, even if it is something no one will ever see.

Brenda gathering snowdrops beside one of our walking paths on Anglesey.

Lambing time.

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