Christmas at the Moyle's

December 21-25, 1999

Rod, Brenda and Mark made the trip down to New Orleans to visit with Jeff and family. We joined Darla's family at the Moyle home for Christmas day celebration. Ashleigh at 21 months was at a good age to enjoy everything, and Mark enjoyed playing with her. This was Mark's first trip down since Jeff and Darla's wedding in 1994. We drove the VW van down on December 21 and then flew Mark down.

Jordan at 4 1/2 months was too young to understand any of this, so she slept through most of it, with the active family moving all around her.

Robby and Diane Wells, Leslie and Jeff Moyle with Ashleigh on the couch during the gift exchange.

Rod and Brenda above with one of Rod's gifts. Jeff with now-active Jordan.

At left Rod makes a toss with some wrapping paper toward the large collection bag in the corner.

Year-end visitors

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