Brenda on Channel 11 TV

April 1999

Brenda was interviewed by a Channel 11 news reporter during a breast cancer emphasis. At this point, Brenda was a 22 year survivor of breast cancer.

The interview took place at the Cancer Center at Georgia Baptist Medical Center.

Ch 11 "We are gratefull for the wonderful and helpful volunteers here, but you really should hear it first hand from a woman who knows. Taking care of your breast health means surviving. "

Brenda "I don't have much patience with people who want to blame it on somebody else, because they could have gone to the doctor."

Ch 11 "Brenda Nave is a long-time survivor. It's been twenty years since she lost a breast to cancer. "

Brenda "I remember, just like it was yesterday ...

Ch 11 "Her surgeon wanted to take a tissue sample of a suspicious lump. You were going in for what you thought was a biopsy .."

Brenda "Right ... and woke up having had a radical mastectomy."

Ch 11 "Now, two decades later, Brenda is confident that her cancer is gone, and her mission in life is clear."

Brenda "I feel like breast self examination is so important that I teach it at health fairs, at churches.."

Ch 11 "And through the Cancer Society she reaches out to other women."

"Don't waste your sorrow! If you've been there, use your sorrows to help somebody else."

Brenda "You hear all sorts of war stories about mammograms. Some people are frightened to death to have one. Some people are frightened that I'm having a mammogram to find out if I have cancer or so they can find cancer, and that's not what it's about at all. You have a mammogram so you can watch the changes in your breast and the doctor will have a baseline and a reference. Early detection is our greatest opportunity for a cure."

Ch 11 "And she is absolutely right about that."

The interview took place at the Cancer Center at Georgia Baptist Medical Center.

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