Oregon, Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood from Oregon Hwy 26.

After spending the night with the Hobsons in Beaverton, Oregon, we had a big breakfast of blueberry pancakes and eggs and finally took off in their station wagon - Wanda & Charles, Stephen, Lecia and baby Chris and us. We stopped by and picked up fruit and peanuts for snacks and headed around the first leg of the Mt Hood loop, down Hwy 26.

We stopped at the alpine slide. Stephen, Jeff, Mark, Charles and I rode the ski lift up and the alpine slide down. We got a fantastic view of Mt. Hood going up and I regretted not taking my camera up.

The alpine slide was a smoothly formed concreted path slalomed down the mountainside. We rode on little wheeled carts which fit on the concrete track - sort of like mechanics creepers. It was a nice ride.

We drove on up to the famous Timberline Lodge, built by WPA labor during the depression. It is a massive woodwork and stone creation. August 18, 1982.

Mt. Hood Over Orchards

Oregon open road
Columbia Gorge

Trip Day 17
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