Glacier National Park

Brenda and Mark Test McDonald Creek

Brenda and Mark try wading in McDonald Creek, Glacier National Park. Note the red and green rocks in the creek bed. August 20, 1982.

Mountains from McDonald Creek

This is a view of the mountains of Glacier National Park from the lower road along McDonald Creek. The Going-to-the-Sun Road traverses that steep mountainside about 2000 ft above where this picture was taken. August 20, 1982.

Jeff and Mark in McDonald Creek

McDonald Creek, Glacier National Park August 20, 1982.

Heavens Peak from Going-to-the-Sun Road

This is a view southwest to Heavens Peak with its glacier from the Going-to-the-Sun Road just before entering the tunnel on the loop. August 20, 1982.

McDonald Valley from the Tunnel

This is a view south down the valley through which the McDonald Creek runs. It was taken from the Going-to-the-Sun Road just past the tunnel on the loop. August 20, 1982.

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Trip Day 20

Glacier Park
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