Daily Log
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August 25: Through Denver to Salina, Kansas

We planned a lot of mileage today on the route home, so we arose early. Alas, the van would not start! We tried to push it off in the campground, but the roadways were gravel and it couldn't get enough traction to turn the engine. We pushed it all the way out on the highway, which fortunately had a grade, and were able to roll it off and start it.

We went through Denver and headed across Kansas, stopping at the KOA in Salina, Kansas.

August 26: Kansas through St. Louis to Kentucky

We started out early from Salina and had breakfast in Topeka, Kansas. We rolled on through St. Louis with its great arch and made it to a KOA in Calvert City, Kentucky for our last night of camping.

August 27: From Kentucky to Home

On the last leg of the long journey, we headed out from Culvert City, Kentucky and stopped for breakfast in Nashville. From there we rolled along the familiar route to Atlanta.

Home at last. The total mileage was 8431 miles.

Map for Day 25
  Nave Album****1982 West Trip Go Back