Winter in Kentucky


Young Edgar bundled up against the cold of this snowy day in Owensboro, Kentucky.

Uncle Leland Bunch with Edgar. Both the location and date are uncertain.

During 2012 I got an email from Robert Craig who had found this photo in our album and wanted to use it in an article containing information about Uncle Leland's involvement in the beginning of the Rural Electrification Administration (REA) electric service in Jackson County. I knew that Uncle Leland had played a major part in getting the REA and that a plaque in his honor had been displayed in the REA headquarters building for a number of years. I went there several years ago to try to photograph that plaque, but it couldn't be found.

This is a scan of a page from "The Stream of History", publication of the Jackson County (Arkansas) Historical Society, December 2012. It is part of an article by Robert D. Craig entitled "It Was Like Getting Religion - The Early Years of the REA in Jackson County".

Leland Bunch became County Agent for Jackson County in 1927 according to the information found by Craig.

Leland Bunch was still County Agent for Jackson County into my high school years in the 1950s, and was still passionate about the crops in the county. I rode with him in his pickup truck around some of the rural roads and he was always looking at the crops. In fact, it was one of the things the family joked with him about - he would be so intent on looking at the fields that he would nearly run off the road.

This is an entry from a Google book found by Robert Craig, who was doing a history of the REA in the Jackson County, Arkansas area. Leland was County Agent for a period and was a major factor in bringing electrification to the area through the REA.

Assuming an age of four for Edgar, this three-generation picture is placed in 1927. This is Edgar's great grandmother Ida Souther Speer and grandmother Susie Speer Owsley.


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