Life on the Farm


The family was now settled in on the farm 5 miles north of Newport, near Diaz. Dorothy's record indicates that they made the move to the house on the farm on January 14 of 1937. The location was described as Fitzgerald Crossing, the name of the railroad crossing on the road to the house. Talking with Dorothy in 2016, her recollection of what she heard was that the house was quite old at the time, perhaps built before 1900.

Back in Kentucky on Jan 21, they suffered from the worst flood in history, particularly in the Louisville area. Frank and Mae Owsley had to leave their home and came to stay with Susie Owsley for the period from Jan 26 to Feb 10.

The Nave family was now settled in on the farm north of Newport, near Diaz. This photo was taken in the front yard of the farm house. Wanda on left, Naomi and Dorothy on right.

Dorothy, Edgar and Wanda in the front yard.

Susie Owsley and Herbert Speer came from Owensboro, Ky for a visit from May 13 to May 23. This may have been the occasion for these pictures.

Edgar's school picture.

Dorothy and Wanda with the family dog by the crepe myrtles in front of the house.

Susie Owsley and sons in Owensboro

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