Moving to the Country


Brenda, Bonnie and Wayne Ivey by the house in October of 1947. Brenda is six years old, Bonnie three, and Wayne seven years old. Above their heads is the kitchen window.

Brenda was 6 in August and started to school in September at Riverside School. She remembers it being the day after Labor Day. The school was on South Gordon Road and did not have an inside bathroom or a cafeteria.

Herb with Sherry, spring 1947

Brenda remembers her aunt Dorothy Duncan, who was 6 1/2 years older, catching the bus at the stop before her since the Duncans were living in Gladys Bishop's house on River Road. Brenda remembers fondly that Dorothy would save her a seat on the bus and make sure she found her way to the right room and around the school. Dorothy was in the 6th grade at the Riverside School which went from 1st to 7th grade at that time.

Brenda also remembers she and Bonnie spending the night and sleeping with Dorothy, who told them Bible stories in bed.

Herb with infant Sherry, spring of 1947.

Brenda (age 6) and Bonnie (age 3) hold Sherry on the back of their old International truck. Judging from Sherry's age, not much more than 6 months, this is in the spring of 1947.

Herbert holds Sherry at an age of less than a year. Brenda stands beside them. She is six and about to start school.

This is the side porch of the house on River Road in which they lived from 1946 to 1959.

Herb with Sherry at the edge of the woods.

This is the front of the house on River Road in which they lived from 1946 to 1959.

Albert holds Lynne at age one month, in October of 1947.

This is Tollie and Ethel Sullivan who were good family friends in Birmingham, living close to the Petticords. Brenda remembers that they moved to Panama City and bought a motel which she thinks they named "The Bama" or "Bama on the Beach".

This picture was obtained from Carol Dawson Jones and was dated October 5, 1947. It was also labeled "Grannie's birthday", which we presume to be Grannie Petticord.

Brenda in 1947

Uncle Roy Dawson and Grannie Izora Dawson. The date of 1947 is a guess. The location is the Duncan house off Hillcrest in Austell.

Duncan girls in the snow.

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