Summer Gathering in Newport


This was an extraordinary gathering of the Nave family in Newport in the summer of 1947. This shot includes the full family of Carl and Naomi Nave, taken at the American Legion Hut in Newport where Edgar and Sue were living at the time. The adults are, L-R: Wanda, Carl, Naomi, Dorothy, Edgar and Edgar's wife Sue. In front are Rod, Philippe, and Janet. Rod is 8 years old, Philippe 6, and Janet in the neighborhood of 6 months, having been born on December 1, 1946.

This four-generation picture is of Susie E. Owsley, Naomi Nave, Edgar Nave, and 6 mo. old Janet.

This appears to be the whole gathering except Frank who was probably taking the picture. Back row Carl Nave, Pearl Bunch, Sue and Edgar Nave, Reginald Owsley, Susie E. Owsley. Middle row: Catherine Owsley, Naomi Nave. Seated: Dorothy Nave, Mae Owsley, Wanda Nave. On ground Rodney Nave, Philippe Nave, Janet Nave.

This wider shot includes more of the setting on the south lawn of the American Legion Hut. It includes the end of the fish pond which usually was full of goldfish and was an endless source of fascination for Rod and Phillippe. Philippe actually toppled into it during one winter in full coat - probably at about this age or even a couple of years younger. I was standing there watching him and can still see it today - I can even remember the heavy coat and hat he was wearing. He was promptly yanked out by one of the adults.

In the more closely cropped group picture above, Uncle Frank is peeking over the back, and Aunt Mae is missing, taking the photo.

Uncle Frank Owsley, Mother (Naomi), Rodney, Uncle Reginald Owsley. This is taken by the crepe myrtles on the Nave farm in July, 1947.

For a lark, Carl put Mae on the horse-drawn cultivator.

This was one of the Guernsey milk cows we kept at that time on the farm.

Rodney school picture, labeled 1947-48. He went to East Newport School. Probably 3rd Grade, in which he had Mrs McAuley, the wife of the Veterinarian who lived across the street from Aunt Pearl on Dill Street in Newport.


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