Nave Family Gathering


This is a gathering in Aunt Pearl's living room. The occasion was Dorothy's wedding. On the floor are Philippe and Rodney. Seated L-R are Wanda, Grandmother Susie Owsley, Leland Bunch, Mother Naomi and father Carl. Standing are Uncle Herbert Speer, Orvetta Owsley and Sue Nave.

Philippe, Rodney and Janet with Wanda. I am not sure that this was at the same time as the above picture, but it seems likely.

Wedding of Dorothy and Jimmy Boggs on September 5. Wanda was in the wedding. The location was the First Baptist Church of Newport.

Dorothy's wedding to Jimmy Boggs. Mother made Dorothy's wedding dress from blue cloth chosen to match the color of Aunt Pearl's hydrangeas. She made covered buttons from the same material. The location was the First Baptist Church of Newport.

The wedding reception was held in Aunt Pearl's dining room.

Orvetta had a role in getting and decorating the car for the newlyweds.

Our Mother, Naomi Nave in Aunt Pearl's yard. The picture was dated September, 1948.

Dorothy, Jimmy and Mother on a picnic. The date of 1948 is a guess, but it seems to be about the time of their wedding.

Dorothy Annette Nave, age 19, graduation picture.Her recollection was that she had just gone riding with Jimmy in an airplane.

Wanda in yard. Dated 1948.

Aunt Pearl Bunch with car. Date of 1948 is a wild guess. It was with some other photos of Wanda's which were around that time.

Jimmy, Philippe and Rodney

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