Edgar's family in Owensboro, Kentucky

January, 1954

Janet Nave with her great-grandmother Susie E. Owsley in her living room at 1636 Court Manor, Owensboro.

Janet playing in the snow. I don't know where this is, but the slide is dated February 1954.

Archery was one of Edgar's pastimes, and he got family and friends involved. March 1954

Susie E. Owsley with Janet, amused at Edgar clowning, pretending to scratch like a monkey. This is actually one of our better portraits of Grandmother Susie E. Owsley. The combination of grandson and great-granddaughter brought out a smile. April 1954

Edgar in Owensboro - walking purposefully. I'll have to find out the history of this one. April 1954.

Janet and friend, presumably in Owensboro.

Edgar roughhousing with Janet, May 1954.


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