Family gathering at the home place

September 1954

Mother with all her children and some of the grandchildren. Front left to right are Rodney, Philippe, Janet in front of Edgar, Jim in front of Shirley. Back Wanda (holding Bobby Charles), Mother, Dorothy.

Mother Naomi Nave with her five offspring. The wider view below shows the road and the fields to the northwest of the house.

Mother, Dorothy and Wanda down by the road in front of our house. Jim is in front of Dorothy, and Wanda is holding Bobby Charles. Note the sandy dirt road that was there when we were growing up.

Betty Burlison, Janet, Jim and Shirley on the front steps of the house.

Shirley and Jim

Mother and Dorothy in the front yard. The view of Mother is looking west across the driveway into the small field on our farm between the house and the railroad track.

To Aunt Pearl and Uncle Leland's

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