Duncan Family


Bonnie with Uncle Albert Ivey, dated March 1955. This photo from Wayne Ivey.

Denise on seesaw in August, 1955. Looks like the carefree days of summer.

Brenda earned the Queen with Sceptre rank in GAs in the Fall of 1955. This is at Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church. With her is her scepter bearer Cathy Ellison, daughter of Doc and Wilma Ellison.

Brenda's coronation as Queen with Scepter. On left end is Jane Wix, right end Sandra Thomas. Aunt Bill Nash, GA Leader, presents the scepter.

This is the group of younger GAs at the time of Brenda's coronation. They included Bonnie at extreme left and Sherry fifth from left.

Denise with Brenda in December 1955.

Denise settled in the rocking chair with Brenda.

Brenda in December 1955. She was listening to 78 rpm vinyl records.

Dorothy Jean Duncan Watts with young daughter Jeannette. December of 1955.

Brenda recalls Bonnie shooting this picture with the Brownie camera with flash. It is in the white house on the hill where they lived until 1958. The 1955 date is based on assuming that she is 14.

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