Nave Family


Edgar contemplating his fish. In the back yard of the old homeplace with the large oak tree in the background, looking east. March.

Edgar in what looks like a fancy office. Dated June 1955.

Edgar in a garden somewhere. June 1955.

Janet with friend in back of Uncle Leland's GMC pickup. It appears to be by the house at the old homeplace. June 1955.

I can't identify the person Dad is sitting with, or the location, but this is one of the best portraits of Carl Nave that we have. Dated July 1955.

Janet with friends at birthday party. Janet's ninth birthday. Dated December 1, 1955.

Janet. in winter clothes. Guess it is on doorstep of Susie E. Owsley in Owensboro, Kentucky. December 5, 1955.

Janet at Christmas of 1955.
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