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Jimmy Boggs with his crop duster plane in May of 1955. On June 1 he was killed while seeding rice south of Newport. The elevator cable broke on the plane and it turned upward and then back straight down into the ground according to witnesses. Mother came and got me out of the cotton field behind the Davenport house where I was chopping cotton. Jimmy was 27 years old, having been born in 1927.

Note that the story the newspapers got was quite different from the story that was told to us. I don't know which is correct.


Wreckage of Jimmy's plane south of Newport.

Shirley,Jim and Suzanne with Dorothy in this 1955 family portrait.

A happy picture of Shirley, Suzanne and Jim in the yard of the Tuckerman home.

Our Mother, Naomi Nave, continued her work in the school lunchroom at East Newport School and had her picture taken at school. The other picture seems to be at about the same time.

Rod's school picture, 1955

Portrait of Wanda guessed to be about 1955.

Shirley, Suzanne, Jim at Tuckerman house, October 1955.

Carl Nave with Shirley Boggs, Jim Boggs, Mary Hobson and Suzanne Boggs. Labeled November 1955.
Carl with the same bunch in the living room of the house on the hill.

This portrait of Suzanne, Jim and Shirley is also labeled 1955, but it is clearly later than the family portrait at the top.

To Duncan family photos, 1956

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