Edgar and Family on Dill Street


With a bright, active youngster like Leland around, there couldn't have been a dull moment. Edgar was active with his darkroom in this period and made a lot of fine photographs. Aunt Pearl at 74 can take pleasure in watching this new burst of life. The picture of Leland with the squirrel wound up on the front page of the Newport newspaper.

Picture of Leland from one of Edgar's slides.

During this period Edgar built a house next to Aunt Pearl's house, which was 1300 Dill Street. Note the '57 and '55 Chevrolets across the street, nearly new. Edgar had built a darkroom in a small outbuilding behind the new house.

A good picture of Edgar playing around in a pup tent in the back yard of the Dill Street house. With him is Benny Payne. This is a military style tent, with two halves thay fastened together.

I have no date for this portrait of Wanda, but it was in Edgar's album, suggesting that he might have taken it. He was in full swing in photography about this time, so perhaps 1959 is a reasonable guess for the date. Wanda would have been 27 if this date were accurate.

Aunt Pearl and Wanda sit at the kitchen table in Aunt Pearl's house. Rod has many memories of this table where we had many meals with Aunt Pearl and Uncle Leland. There was a formal dining table in the dining room, but this table felt much more comfortable and like home. All us kids spent the night often at Aunt Pearl's house and she and Uncle Leland were major figures in our lives, playing a very positive role in our development.

Our Mother, Naomi Nave and Aunt Pearl Bunch enjoy a conversation out in the yard of the Dill Street house. I can't identify the young woman with them.

Aunt Pearl in the front room of her house.

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