GBH Capping for Fall Nursing Class

June, 1960

The traditional "capping" ceremony for Brenda's 1962 nursing class at Georgia Baptist Hospital School of Nursing was held at First Baptist Church of Decatur.

In this view of the left side of the class of student nurses, Brenda is on the extreme right of the back row. To her right is Nelda Harmon and in front of her is Kaye Burnham. I'll try to fill in more names with time, but some that I noticed quickly include Carol McConnell second from left on front row. Proceeding across front row, Jeannette Flanagan, Olivia Turner, ?, Linda Webb, Doris Powell. Second row L-R: Pam Gladden, ?, ?, Pat Carter, Mollie Strickland, Johnnie Ann James, Glenda Beatty,?, Gladys Alexander. Third row: Glenda Beatty, Martha Ann Bagwell, Harriet Huff, Dot Lanier, Genie Hancock, Gratia Cone, Bobbie Kroenke, Harriet Joiner, Nancy Causey, Kaye Burnham. Last row appears doubled but treated as one. Sue Crowe, Laura Thompson, Edith Durden, Linda Trice, Joyce Portwood, ?, Marty Pittman, ?, ?, Anne Newton, Jane Davenport, Frankie Tompkins, ?, Julie Sisk, Nelda Harmon, Brenda Duncan.

The right section, starting with the short front row includes Kay Richards, ?, Beth Holder, Gail Crozier, Doni Posey, B. J. Thomas, Marian Terrell. Second row: Judy Robinson, ?, Peggy Sue Sumner, Julienne Guerry, Sandy Brown, Annette Massey, Gloria Gaskins. Third row: Kaye Burnham, ?, Evelyn Bruce, Shirley Hester, ?, ?, Jo Anne Jolly. Last row: Brenda Duncan, Linda Pursley, Carol Darnell, Carolyn White, Sara Baker, Beverly Williams, Sandra Watkins, Brenda McCauley, Janet Thomason, Judy Coker,?, Sybil Newsome, Laura Thompson, Linda Wells

This center section is added because Brenda is right in the middle on the back row. Note that the student nurses are carrying candles, and that some pieces of medical equipment were set up at the front.

Student week at Ridgecrest

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