Trip to Arkansas

March 16-24, 1962

Rod and Brenda made the trip to Newport, Arkansas during spring break to visit family. The 548 mile trip cost $11.16 worth of gasoline. Dorothy and Ed Tirey had recently moved to a house in Tuckerman, so we went there to visit them.

Dorothy and Ed's children at the house in Tuckerman. Front: Phyllis, Diane, Suzanne, Gilda with the banjo, Back: Jim, Shirley, Gail.

Dorothy and Brenda enjoy watching the kids in a game of limbo. Diane, shown above, was the champion.
Rod's Mother, Naomi, with Suzanne and Shirley.

Dorothy with six of the kids lined up to go to church. Jim, Phyllis, Suzanne, Diane, Shirley and Gail. This was at the Tuckerman house. The date is uncertain.

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