Rod and Brenda's Wedding

June 22, 1962

Rod and Brenda's wedding at Brenda's home at 61 Hillcrest, Austell, Georgia.

Rod and Brenda with Brenda's family. L-R are Bonnie, Brenda's parents Herbert and Marjorie Duncan, Rod and Brenda, Sherry, Wesley. Wesley is four years old.

Even after 50 years, my heart skips a beat when I see this picture. I think I look kind of silly, but she is absolutely beautiful! It was a time of indescribable joy.

Bob Jackson sang for the wedding with Sherry accompanying him.

A suite of black and white pictures of the occasion.

With Rev. Marion Beavers who performed the ceremony.

It was very meaningful to us to have Marion Beavers perform the ceremony. Brenda had known him all her life and was very close to his wife Jerry.

With the ceremony over, it's time to rejoice! And Wesley thinks that if we are going to dance for joy, he's going to join in!

Rod and Brenda

We gather the family by the wedding cake. It's time to celebrate!

Brenda's family had provided a very nice wedding cake and it was wonderful family time.

Carol McConnell Purvis, Gladys Bishop, Bob Jackson and Brenda join in the fun after the cake and punch.

Our first home was in Gladys Bishop's upstairs garage apartment off Howell Mill Road in Atlanta. We had one car, an ancient Volvo, which Brenda could drive to work. I rode my bicycle to class at Georgia Tech.

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