Summer of 1966

Brenda and Rod at Mama's house on a visit during the summer. After finishing Rod's degree, there was a bit more time for relaxing and visiting.

On August 12, Edgar, Sue, Leland, Faye and Cathy came for the weekend. Edgar, Leland and Cathy enjoyed the pool table and ping pong. We went to the Grant Park zoo and to the Cyclorama on Saturday. We had a picnic in the park. On Sunday we took them to Stone Mountain.

One of the things we enjoyed was singing around the piano. Sherry and Denise are at the keyboard, with Brenda, Andy and Bonnie singing behind them. Len is at the bottom of the picture. August 20.

On August 26, we had dinner with Dr. James King for whom Brenda had been working as scrub nurse. Dr. King took us to the Chateau Fleur de Li, the most expensive restaurant in Atlanta. We were very grateful for his generosity!

On August 27, John and Nancy Baxley, Laddie Rollins and Norman Petty came out for dinner. Ronnie and Linda Jones came and afterward we went to their house and found a surprise Bon Voyage party with about 25 of our friends.

Ronnie and Linda Jones hosted a nice "Bon Voyage" party for us in August. We were certainly getting excited as the big adventure of a transatlantic trip got closer.

Monday, September 5: Had supper with the Dorsetts with Bill and Rosie Bowman present. We had spaghetti and made ice cream. Played "Password" afterward.

Tuesday, September 6: Brenda's Sunday School class had a picnic at Piedmont Park. The class gave Brenda a framed poem with their signatures and a $40 cash gift. Rod played softball with the men.

Wednesday, September 7: We had dinner with Sue and Warren Woolf. Fran and Nathan Porter came over afterward for homemade ice cream.

Thursday, September 8: We had a surprise birthday party for Wayne Huey at the Farr's. Present were the Jones, Dorsetts and Andersons.

Friday, September 9: We took Wade and Carolyn Bryant to dinner at Johnny Reb's Kitchen.

Saturday, September 10: We had dinner at our house for Ike and Sue Dupree and the Porters.

Sunday, September 11: We went to the Bowman's after church for cake and coffee.

Seven days straight of celebrations leading up to our departure for North Wales!

Embarkation from New York

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