Bent Tree Family Gathering

June 17, 1978

Picnic at the beach at Bent Tree. Wesley, Brenda, Bonnie, Andy, Sherry, Len. Denise hidden.

Barbara and Jerry Stargel and young Melody joined us for the picnic.

Bonnie and Jeff show off the string of fish they have caught in Bent Tree's Lake Tamarack. Wesley in background near the spillway.

Andy, Mark, Jeff and Wesley finish up the work of putting the boat up.

Andy, Bonnie, Sherry and Len cleaning the fish. It was after dark before they finished.

Finally they got to enjoy the fruits of their labors as we all sat down to a delicious fish fry. Bonnie, Andy, Sherry, Len, Brenda and Jeff.

Brenda and Rod got in some sheetrock sanding during this trip. June 18.

Stacy checks out the catch above. Mark is still on the lake bank, fishing.

Paul and Sue Boone join us at Bent Tree later in the summer and we had a picnic on the lake. Debbie Miller and Paul Johnson are also with us. The Bent Tree house was being stuccoed on the outside this weekend, so the outside is nearing a finished appearance. July 29.

Yellow swallowtail butterflies are often seen at Bent Tree.

Brenda at watermelon cutting

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