Cabinet Making at Bent Tree

December 30, 1978

The end of the year finds Rod making cabinet faceplates at Bent Tree. He is using a special mortice bit on the drill press to make a mortice in one of the faceplates for the main floor utility room.

This is a closeup of the mortice bit in action. It had a square chisel as a framework and a bit that went down through it. It drilled a hole and the chisel part shaved off the edges to make a square hole. Repeated use gave you a rectangular mortice hole.

A dado blade set was used on the table saw to cut tenons to fit into the rectangular holes to make solid mortice-and-tenon joints for the cabinet faceplates.

Rod with an assembled faceplate in the faceplate and drawer factory we had going in the basement. We were making good use of the ping-pong table as a work table. Note our old camp kitchen against the wall, which was part of our basement food preparation area.

Family in January

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