Ice Falls at Bent Tree

January 26, 1985

On a trip to Bent Tree after a prolonged cold spell we were rewarded by one of the most spectacular ice falls we had seen.

Mark in front of the falls after we had walked the quarter mile down Chestnut Cove Trail and climbed up the creek bed to the falls.

This gives a better idea of the scale of the ice accumulation. During most of the year there was little actual flow down this stream bed, but it was apparently fed by springs that did not stop in the cold weather, and therefore continued to build up ice in prolonged cold spells.

Below, Brenda and Mark with Jessica and Jack Beasley.

When you got up on the ice accumulation at the bottom of the falls, it was goof to have a tree to hold onto. There was ice under the leaves on the steep slope, so it was tricky footing.

Bent Tree June visit

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