Bent Tree Trip

January, 1986

We gathered at Bent Tree in early January to see about carpet installation. Around the table are Tina Mangum and Jeff, Brenda and Liz and Len Hardin. Mark and Sophia Cornelio are at the bar.

Mark and Jeff try their hand at splitting logs for the fireplace.

The carpet laying started with putting down the pad on the basement floor.

Len checks with the carpetlayers as they lay out the carpet on the parking pad outside. Then they start stretching the carpet on the basement floor, extending back through the hall to the bedroom.

Finishing up the carpet on the basement floor.

Being a tool nut, I was interested in the specialized tools they brought to lay the carpet. We moved the main floor furniture out onto the deck so they could start on the carpet there.

These two guys, who were doing what they do for a living, worked with amazing speed. Quickly, the carpet on the main floor was done. The carpet certainly changed the appearance of the house and made it look more finished and livable.

Rod and Brenda ready for Gala

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