Starting the lower deck at Bent Tree

March, 1986

Jeff, Mark and Rod have cleared away the fill dirt at the basement doors in preparation for the building of a lower deck.

We have a stack of lumber in place to begin the building of the deck. The boys have been clowning around and build a horse-head to nail to the sawhorse.

Mark and Jeff on the new upper deck on this very foggy day.

We are well underway with the deck now with the floor joists cut and placed. Mark is nailing on the outside stringer on the floor joists.

With the floor joist structure completed, Mark is setting the first of the decking boards.

The decking is moving along nicely. It is good to have some sunshine to work in after the previous foggy day.

After the more time-consuming process of making the floor joist structure, the decking went along rapidly.

Jeff's Graduation from High School

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