Naomi Nave Remembrance

Jeff had just graduated from high school and we were taking him down to Tallahassee, FL to enter Florida state, we got word that Rod's Mother had suffered a major stroke. She died two days later on June 15. She had been in good health up to that point and was packing her bags for a trip to visit Orvetta in Owensboro, Kentucky. It turned out she didn't need the baggage for the trip she was taking. The family gathered and sang Amazing Grace at her graveside, and with our grief we could celebrate the good life she had led for 84 years.

Mark and Jeff pose with Grandmother Nave during our Thanksgiving trip to Newport, Arkansas. November 26, 1985.

Gathering at Mother's house at the time of her funeral - she died on June 15. Edgar, Wanda, Rod, Dorothy, Philippe in the front yard. June 17, 1986. This is maybe the only time we had a photograph of all of us together since 1964.

We gathered the family in from all over the country and made this a time of celebration and remembrance. We wanted to get pictures of the family members as part of the remembrance of Mother's life.

Edgar, Wanda, Dorothy and Philippe are joined by Ronnie and Shirley's daughter Jennifer. This is in front of the house where Mother lived for the last few years.

Mary Sue, Philippe, Rod and Brenda at Mother's house in Newport.

Philippe, Rod, Wanda, Dorothy, Edgar at time of memorial service.

Shirley and Ronnie Howard

Suzanne and Bobby Lassiter

Rod teaches Conceptual Physics

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