Sunday School Class to Bent Tree

October, 1987

It was a beautiful October day for a Sunday School outing to Bent Tree. We got the group out on the front deck for a group picture of this family gathering.

Standing, L-R: Ray Hembree, Jerry and Barbara Stargel, Melody Stargel, Shanna Hamby, Jerry and Ranae Hamby with Marisa Hamby in front of them, Tina Hembree, Bailey Richardson, Nancy Matheny.

Seated: Jenny Hembree, Brenda Nave, Carol Richardson, Heather and Angela Matheny on Fred Matheny's knees.

A different view of the group with the Hembrees missing. It was a joy to be together as families.

Out for a walk: Brenda Nave, Nancy and Fred Matheny, Jenny and Ray Hembree. It was just cool enough for a light jacket or sweater to be comfortable.

Jerry Hamby, Jerry Stargel and Ray Hembree on the front deck with a beautiful clear view of the mountains.

We made the walk up Chestnut Cove Trail and then up to the end of the road at the top of Thunderstruck Court. Fred and Nancy Matheny, Ray and Jenny Hembree, Brenda Nave and Angela Matheny and Marisa Hamby in front.

Angela and Marisa were good hikers and seemed to be particularly enjoying the process. They wanted to go on up the mountain. I had told them that this was the track that the RA boys usually hiked.

So Fred and I went on up Big Stump Mountain with the girls. They got to see the viewpoints were you could look down on the trees in the valley far below. They also got their picture taken on the ladder of the big water tanks, which proves they got to the top of Big Stump Mountain. These tanks sit right on the top at an altitude of 3000 ft, compared to 2400 ft at the house where we had come from.

The mountain-climbing girls, Marisa and Angela on the steep mountainside up behind the house. They were almost looking down on the roof of the house in the picture at right above.

All the girls got excited about the long grape vines out to the side of the house. Here Angela is swinging and Heather looks like she is going to have a try.

Brenda and sisters on Christmas Eve

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