To Boise, Idaho for Rod's AAPT Meeting

August 6, 1993

We headed out for the trip to Boise via Salt Lake City and Portland. We spent three memorable weeks chasing around the Northwest as indicated by our track through Idaho, Montana, Washington and Oregon.

We staged through Salt Lake City on a clear day on our way to Portland.

We got a nice view of Salt Lake City and the surrounding mountains as we lifted off, and then got a nice view of the Great Salt Lake.

We headed northwest across Idaho and could catch a glimpse of Mount Hood in the distance while we were flying over the wheat fields of Idaho and Oregon. The scene at right may be along the Snake River.

We got great views of Mt. Hood on the way in to the Portland Airport.

Renting a car in Portland, we headed out eastward along the Columbia River, shown above right.

As we drove along the Columbia River, we got views of Mt. Hood over the golden hills. Orchards climbed up the slopes of the hills in lots of places.

The Columbia River moves a lot of heavy freight. We watched lots of heavy barges on the river. The rail line parallels the river on the opposite side.

We stopped off and explored a bit in the area of The Dalles where this bridge crossed the Columbia River.

Mt. Hood's presence was pervasive and fascinating in all the views in its direction around The Dalles.

The combination of road, rail and river at this point on the river was very interesting. This is further up the Columbia River at Biggs.

We headed out on I-84 toward Boise and traveled through open wheat country. We got this view of the wheat fields near Pendleton as we climbed into the mountains on a long, gentle slope toward Deadman's Pass.

From the approach to the pass we got this perspective of a farmhouse complex. It was interesting to see how a farm was laid out in this great wheat-growing area.

Continuing over Deadman's Pass and into the mountains, the character of the country changed greatly. The open country was colored yellow with the sunflowers and the small farmhouses and barns suggested grazing. It was very pleasant country. The locations of these images are indicated on the map above and are close to Ontario and the Idaho state line.

On to Boise

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