Florida Visit

December 28-30, 1994

Back at the house after the diving trip, the ladies are fixing up all kinds of nice food. Michele, Denise, Brenda, Bonnie and Barbara.

December 29

Sherry took us to a bird sanctuary which was a nesting ground for white ibis. Rod tried some video as well as still shots.

Mark and Michele tried some kayaking.

It was a beautiful calm river setting for the kayaking.

We enjoyed the other wildlife in the area as well as the birds.

We enjoyed the family gathering, with Bonnie clowning around in her "Hair by Chemo" outfit.

Everyone had a relaxed time - the weather and scenery helps you understand why so many people head for Florida around Christmas.

Bonnie tries out another wig.

We had a time of gift exchange as a belated Christmas celebration.

Bonnie, Brenda, Denise.

Barbara, Sherry and Bonnie out and about to the bird sanctuaries again.

Brenda and Bonnie had a formal portrait made together for an exposition on cancer survivors. The exposition "Can't Wait for a Cure" was set up at the Commerce Club in Atlanta in October of 1995.

Rod's meeting in Orlando

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