In Remembrance: Marjorie Thomas

After enjoying her celebration with the family over Christmas and New Year's, Mama died early on January 3, 1994.

Family and friends gathered at Roy Davis Funeral Home on January 5.

The times of gathering bring back old friends from through the years. Bo Hendon, Andy and Kenneth Cheatham.

After a time of visitation, we gathered at Marjorie's house at 61 Hillcrest Drive, Austell, and had dinner together. L-R: Odessa and uncle Roy Dawson (Marjorie's brother), Carol (Mama's younger sister) , Jeff in background, Alicia.

Carol, Rusty and daughter Alicia.

Since we don't get together often, we took the occasion to take snapshots of the family groups present.

Jeff, Rod, Mark, with Brenda seated.

Andy and Bonnie

Roger and Denise

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