In Remembrance: Marjorie Thomas

After enjoying her celebration with the family over Christmas and New Year's, Mama died early on January 3, 1994.

These are some remembrances of family and friends who gathered.

All of Marjorie's children. Brenda, Bonnie, Denise, Sherry, Wesley.

Carol with Brenda and Bonnie. Carol is Marjorie's half-sister, daughter of her father, James Wesley Dawson, and Mary.

Brenda with Louise. Louise was the sister of Gladys Bishop, long time friend of Marjorie and the family.

Mary, J.T. Daniel, Uncle Roy, J.T.'s son Jerry. J.T. is Marjorie's and Roy's first cousin on their mother's side.

Odessa and Roy Dawson. Uncle Roy, Marjorie's brother, came in from Maryville, Tennesee.

Roy is Marjorie's youngest and only surviving sibling.

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