Sunday School Class at Bent Tree

November 19, 1994

We had a Sunday School class gathering at Bent Tree. At breakfast are Danae (Graciella's granddaughter), Geneva and Ray Hembree, Rod, Porfirio Hernandez and Dorothy. Dorothy had caught a ride from Newport, Arkansas and was visiting with us this week.

Brenda, Rod and Dorothy on the front deck.

This is our traditional group picture on the deck. At back are Rod, Ray Hembree, Johnny Huffman and Graciella Hernandez. In front are Brenda, Geneva, Porfirio, Carol and Danae.

We walked down the driveway to the sign at the top of Buckskull Court. The only difference is that Dorothy is in the picture and Porfirio snapped it.

Danae, Porfirio, Rod and Johnny continued on up to the top of the mountain. Porfirio snapped the picture at right along the trail up the ridge toward the top of Big Stump Mountain.

Rod by the side of the road at the top of Thunderstruck above our house. Behind him is Chestnut Cove Trail way below us. The whole group walked to this point.

A view of the house from up on the slope above it. The group is gathered at the door in preparation for a trip down to the beach area.

Rod at the rock ridge on the way to the top of the mountain from the top of Thunderstruck Court.

This gathering is at the lake near the spillway. In back are Johnny Huffman and Brenda. Middle: Carol Huffman, Ray Hembree and Danae. Front: Rod, Geneva Hembree, Porfirio and Graciella Hernandez.

Nearly blinded by the bright afternoon sun, the same group gathers at our traditional picture spot on the dam overlooking Lake Tamarack and the mountains beyond.


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