November 24, 1994

Bonnie starts carving the turkey and the group gathers quickly!

Our gathering this year includes Donnie (Barbara's son), Darnell, Barbara, Michele, Stacy, Marty, Wesley, Darla. In front, Brenda, Mark, Jeff, Bonnie, Andy.

After dinner, Mark and Jeff in the holiday pyrotechnic shop, making exploding arrow tips. Below, Mark tries one out with his new compound bow.

Darla and Michele look on apprehensively(?) as Jeff and Mark move on to bottle bombs and who knows what else. (It was all just about making a loud noise.)

The rest of the crew takes things at a little more relaxed pace on the downstairs couch.

By evening on Thanksgiving, Edgar and Margie had arrived from Kentucky. Paul (Margie's son) joins Michele and Mark for a light supper.

We tremendously enjoyed having Darla and Jeff here from New Orleans for the whole week with us.

Barbara and Wesley had come up from Ft. Myers, Florida for a few days, so we were pleased to have their company for Thanksgiving.

Having this crew all together is becoming more rare now, so we harassed them into another group picture on the downstairs couch.

Boss's day for Brenda

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