Trip to Newport, Arkansas

June 14, 1994

Across the Arkansas rice fields.

On our first trip to Arkansas in seven years, since Thanksgiving 1986, Rod and Brenda flew to Memphis and rented a car. We enjoyed seeing the lush green rice fields as we drove across Arkansas to Newport. The feelings were surprisingly intense for Rod as we drove across that old familiar territory.

Rod and Shirley in the kitchen of their beautiful new house. We stayed with Ronnie and Shirley on this trip.

Shirley, Rod, and Dorothy together at Shirley's. June 15.

Brenda and Shirley act as formal(?) servers at a nice dinner at Suzanne's house. A good time was had by all.

Brenda serves Suzanne and Dorothy.

Philippe and Mary Sue make it in from Longview, Texas in time for this fancy meal.

Suzanne, Dorothy and Mary Sue.

June 16

A rare ocurrence! Rod, Dorothy, Philippe and Edgar together at Suzanne's house.

Rod serves as greenhorn assistant to master catfish chef Ronnie as he prepares for a catfish dinner.

Ronnie really knows how to do catfish. He has competed regularly in the local county catfish cookoff.

In oil kept at just the right temperature by carefully monitoring a thermometer, he cooked beautiful golden-brown catfish. And they tasted as good as they look!

Shirley and Jennifer in the kitchen as we make ready for the catfish dinner.

Shirley, Rod, Jennifer, Brian, Suzanne and Dorothy at table with cake celebrating Dorothy's retirement from full time work at the nursing home.

The whole crew at the celebration. Front Shirley, Dorothy, Brenda, Brian. Back Ronnie, Suzanne, Philippe, Rod, Jennifer, Mary Sue.

Ronnie, Jennifer and Shirley on couch at their new house. It is decorated beautifully and very comfortable.

Margie and Edgar are in from Kentucky. They are with Shirley, Brenda and Rod at the back of Edgar's truck. We went over to Bergen Lake to look for cypress knees for Margie. Shirley and Brenda hold cypress knees and Rod has the saw. Ronnie and Shirley's house is in the background.

We enjoyed the opportunity for a visit with Philippe and Mary Sue. Mary Sue with Brian right.

Philippe was unfortunately having rather severe back pain which eventually resulted in surgery. He gets some sympathy from Brian and Shirley. Lying on the floor in the 90-90 position relieved the pain somewhat.

Then the whole crew got down on the floor and assumed the 90-90 position in empathy. It's actually pretty comfortable.

Wedding shower at the Moyle's

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