San Francisco Meeting of AACC

September 10, 1994

With the luxury of a rental car we were able to poke all around the base and environment of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The AACC Board poses at Homedco's Cable Car set.

The AACC Board with the Golden Gate Bridge Model set.

Another grouping of the AACC leadership at the Homedco Cable Car set.

Brenda with Brian and Lois Pabst in hotel suite, Fairmont Hotel.

Rod with Lois and Brian Pabst

Brenda presents a clock as a gift of appreciation to 1994 President Lois Pabst for her service as National President of American Association for Continuity of Care.

Brenda at Homedco's Cable Car set.

Brenda Inducted as National President of American Association for Continuity of Care for 1995

September 12, 1994

Brenda is inducted as 1995 National President of the American Association for the Continuity of Care by 1994 President Lois Pabst from Hartford, Connecticut. September 12.

Brenda had been active in AACC both on the Georgia and National level for several years, serving as Program Chair and then President-Elect during the 1994 year.

Brenda's new business cards for American Association for Continuity of Care were a start toward a year of various contacts and interviews as she represented the organization.

Three Presidents!

Brenda will be President of AACC for 1995, Lois Pabst is the 1994 President, and Debbie Hutchinson of Macon, Georgia was President for 1993.

Of course there has got to be a little clowning around with the gavel. Brenda and Lois have gotten to be good friends in the past few years of working together with AACC.

Out on the streets of San Francisco. Brian Pabst, Rod, Barbara Lutz, Lois Pabst. On Mason Street early in the morning. September 13.

Breakfast before we do a little touring of San Francisco.

Lois, Barbara and Brenda on the streets of San Francisco.

Lois, Barbara and Brenda at the pier with a background of Alcatraz.

The view from the pier sparked our interest, so we booked a boat tour of the bay.

It was cool and windy as we headed toward the Golden Gate Bridge on the tour boat.

Our crew was having fun on the boat, even with the somber look of the Alcatraz Prison Island behind us.

After a trip out under the Golden Gate, we are headed back toward the city of San Francisco.

We swung in closer to downtown San Francisco and its harbor district.

Another turn puts us in view of Alcatraz again. This was a great boat tour for just $15!

Touring on land now, we crossed the Bay Bridge and are looking back at the long section of the bridge and the dock area of San Francisco.

We were at a viewpoint right on the water, looking at San Francisco in late afternoon sun.

We headed back across the Bay Bridge to San Francisco and proceeded to a park on a hill for city viewpoints.

I was surprised that we could get enough altitude within the city to get this kind of view.

This view includes a bit of the road which shows how we gained elevation for this view.

Rod tries a bit of video of the downtown area.

You certainly got different perspectives from up here. A telephoto shot of Alcatraz makes it look like it is an easy swim from the city.

The Golden Gate looks different, but it is recognizable from almost any angle. This angle gives a good view of the Marin Headlands.

We then drove from our lofty view of the bridge to the Golden Gate and across it to a park off the north end of the bridge. This is a view back southward along the bridge from the park.

Brian, Barbara, Rod and Brenda with a view of San Francisco across the bay from the far end of the Golden Gate.

With one last view of San Francisco from the north end of Golden Gate, it was time to say goodbye to our friends and colleagues. It had been a very memorable tour of San Francisco.

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