A Bridal Shower for Darla

May 14, 1994

A shower for Darla at Jane Harkleroad's. It was given by the ladies shown with Darla: Jane, Elizabeth Ogburn, Lori Dupree, Jenny Hembree and Barbara Stargel.

Darla with Brenda, her future mother-in-law.

Sara Stipe, Sarah Payne, Gail Marshall, Jane Harkleroad, Nadine Arnett.

Darla with Brenda and Bobbie Jackson.

Bonnie with Darla

Cookie Kesler with Darla and Brenda. Barbara Stargel in background.

On couch Jenny Hembree, Anita Hardie, Corkie Brooks. In chairs Ruth Floyd and Pat Peal. On floor Audrey Floyd and Wendy Peal.

Barbara Stargel was one of the organizers and hostesses and she distributes gifts to Darla.

Jane and the other ladies had decorated everything so nicely. Under the gift table was a handmade quilt.

Darla and Brenda with Barbara Stargel and Ethyl Overcash.

Darla, Nadine Arnett, Brenda, Barbara Stargel.

Elizabeth Ogburn, Jenny Hembree, Nancy Matheny, Joyce McWaters.

Part of the tradition is to make Darla a veil, and a bouquet from the ribbons from her shower. Jenny Hembree helps with this.

Reflecting back on this remarkable occasion, we certainly appreciated the graciousness of all the ladies. These were ladies whom Darla had never met - they were longtime friends of ours from Mableton First Baptist Church. It was an act of generosity from our community of faith to the bride-to-be, of whom we were very proud.

We loaded the gifts in the VW camper at the end of a memorable time of fellowship with friends.

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