Christmas: Getting our house back.

December, 1998

As we approached Christmas of 1998, we looked forward to the completion of the major renovation that had been in progress for a year now. The hardwood floors were done, and now the cabinets had been placed.

Brenda could dream of her new appliances which were coming soon, but countertops had to be placed as well as sheetrock finished and painted.

Mark came by for a visit and we could celebrate the big framed glass window, and looked forward to using this breakfast room area.

We could now move the breakfast table into the area and have breakfast here, even though we were still sleeping in the basement.

David York, Jr. had come to measure and lay out the Corian countertops, and now was the time to install them.

We put hardwood in all the den, kitchen, and breakfast room area, and that was now complete. The rest of the house was still a shambles because we pulled up all the carpet and were in the process of refinishing all the hardwood under it. It turned out to be very fine hardwood, so was looking nice.

With the hardwood floor finished in the den and breakfast room, we could at least have breakfast there and then celebrate Christmas by exchanging gifts there in the finished den.

It was a different Christmas, but we enjoyed getting together with Mark and beginning to get some spots in the house back to normal.

A week or so after Christmas, Brenda examines her countertop on the island in the kitchen.

Now with oven and range, sink and dishwasher installed, we were doing final cleanup to celebrate the completion of the renovation.

Brenda on Channel 11, Atlanta

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