Introduction to Operational Amplifiers

What is an operational amplifier?

What are the basic operational rules for op-amps?

What kind of things can be done with operational amplifiers?

What is the role of negative feedback in the use of operational amplifiers?

*Nature of op-amps

*The 741

*Ideal op-amp

*Golden Rules

*Op-amp varieties

*Negative feedback

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Operational Amplifier Applications

Compare the ideal operational amplifier to real circuits.

How does the 741 compare to an ideal op-amp?

Compare the inverting and non-inverting op-amp amplifiers.

What is a comparator? What are some of its applications?

What is a Schmitt trigger? What is it good for?

*Ideal op-amp

*Properties of real op-amps

*Practical limitations

*The 741 op-amp

*Practical limitations of the 741 op-amp

*Inverting amplifier

*Non-inverting amplifier


*Comparator applications

*Schmitt trigger

*Schmitt trigger action

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