The Early Universe

What is Hubble's law? Why is there so much uncertainty about the value of the Hubble constant?

Why is the relative abundance of hydrogen and helium such an important parameter in the modeling of the early universe?

Describe the contribution of the 3K cosmic background radiation to the modeling of the early universe.

Place white dwarfs, red giants, neutron stars and black holes into the framework of stellar evolution.

How are the elements heavier than iron synthesized in the universe?

Describe the stages in the "big bang" model of the formation of the universe.

How is the temperature of the big bang related to the expansion time?

What is meant by "inflation" in the big bang scenario and what problems does it address?

How is the energy of the universe divided between radiation and matter at the present time?

Homework set #19
*Keys to cosmology

*Expanding universe

*Hydrogen/helium abundance

*3K Background

*Big Bang model

*Red giants

*White dwarfs

*Neutron stars

*Black holes

*Expansion time for universe

*Inflationary era of big bang.

*Photon and particle energy

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