High Energy Physics: The Gadgets

Describe the evolution of accelerators with a brief description of the progression of high energy machines: the Cockroft-Walton, cyclotron, synchrocyclotron, betatron, synchrotron, storage rings and linear accelerators.

What are the particular capabilities of the Fermilab system?

What are the particular capabilities of the CERN proton-antiproton accelerator complex?

Describe the physical mechanisms which are used in high-energy particle detectors: ionization loss, Cerenkov radiation, transition radiation, brehmstrahlung, pair production, nuclear interactions.

Briefly describe the operating principles of common pieces of particle detection apparatus: Geiger counter, cloud chamber, photographic emulsion, bubble chamber, spark chamber, proportional chamber, silicon detector, scintillation counter, Cerenkov counters, calorimeters.

Homework set #16
* Acceleration devices

* Accelerator facilities

* Fermilab


* Brookhaven

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