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Physics 2030K: Physics of Music and Speech

The links in the active calendar below will take you material related to the day's agenda.
Day 1 Jan 14

Basic concepts
Day 2 Jan 16

Physical quantities
Day 17 Mar 11

Microphones and loudspeakers
Day 18 Mar 13

Auditorium acoustics
Day 3 Jan 21

Periodic Motion
Day 4 Jan 23

Periodic motion
Day 19 Mar 18

Spring Break
Day 20 Mar 20

Spring Break
Day 5 Jan 28

Basic wave phenomena
Day 6 Jan 30

Wave phenomena, resonance
Day 21 Mar 25

Auditorium acoustics
Day 22 Mar 27

Auditorium acoustics
Day 7 Feb 4

Day 8 Feb 6

Quiz 1
Day 23 Apr 1

Sound reinforcement systems
Day 24 Apr 3

Musical scales and temperament
Day 9 Feb 11

Intro to ear and hearing
Day 10 Feb 13

Characterizing sound
Day 25 Apr 8

Musical scales and temperament
Day 26 Apr 10

Musical scales and temperament
Day 11 Feb 18

Sound measurement
Day 12 Feb 20

Sound measurement
Day 27 Apr 15

Quiz 3
Day 28 Apr 17

Acoustics of woodwind instruments
Day 13 Feb 25

Sound quality or timbre
Day 14 Feb 27

Analysis of sound
Day 29Apr 22

Acoustics of brass instruments
Day 30 Apr 24

Acoustics of strings, voice
Day 15 Mar 4*

Sound synthesis
Day 16 Mar 6

Quiz 2
Day 31 Apr 29

no class
Day 32 May 5

Final Exam


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