Viewing a Transmission Hologram

Holography is lensless photography. The image is captured in the interference pattern on the film, and the image can be reconstructed for viewing by shining the coherent light of a laser on the hologram. The eye is focused behind the film to see the image suspended in space. It shows the unique characteristics of holographic images.

A static view of the image of a transmission hologram is obtained by looking through a particular point on the hologram. If you move your head, you will be looking through a different point on the film, and will see the object from a different perspective. Since your two eyes will be looking through different points of the hologram, they will get slightly different perspectives, just as you do in looking at the real object.

The movie at left was made by positioning the camera and then moving the hologram across the field of view with a carriage. The different perspectives would usually be obtained by moving your head back and forth while viewing the hologram. The movie may be played, or you can grab the slider at the bottom of the movie and move it backward or forward manually.

Making a transmission hologramProjecting a transmission hologram

Holography concepts
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