Physics for the Health Sciences. 3rd Edition.

Nave and Nave

Published by W. B. Saunders Co., West Washington Square, Philadelphia, PA, 1985

1. Measurement and the Scientific Method 2. The Description of Motion 3. The Causes of Motion 4. Work, Energy and Machines 5. The Properties of Liquids 6. The Properties of Gases 7. Pressure and the Circulatory System 8. Further Medical Applications of Pressures in Fluids 9. Molecular Phenomena Related to Biological Processes 10. Internal Energy, Heat and Temperature 11. The Effects of Heat 12. Introduction to Electricity and Magnetism 13. Practical Electric Circuits 14. Electrical Safety in the Hospital 15. Electric and Electronic Instruments 16. Bioelectricity 17. Elasticiy and Wave Motion 18. The Physics of Hearing 19. The Physics of Vision 20. Light and Modern Physic 21. Nuclear Radiation
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