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Net force = mass x acceleration

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A force F= N is applied to two masses m1=kg and m2=kg which are in contact with each other. If there is a coefficient of friction mu = , then the net force on them is N and the acceleration is given by
= m/s²
Then the force exerted on mass m2 can be determined.
= N
Note that the share of the force necessary to accelerate the second mass is independent of the friction coefficient.

Remove friction

Some special symbols: Degree sign ° theta θ tau τ pi π big delta Δ small delta δ alpha α beta β gamma γ big omega Ω psi for wavefunction Ψ Mathematical functions in Javascript: example of nested if statements. function atan7(x,y){fh=document.forms[1];if (x>0){if (y>=0) return 180*Math.atan(y/x)/Math.PI;if (y<0) return 180*Math.atan(y/x)/Math.PI-(-1)*360};if (x<0){if (y>=0) return 180-180*Math.atan(-y/x)/Math.PI;if (y<0) return -180-(-1)*180*Math.atan(y/x)/Math.PI-(-1)*360}} Testing for odd and even using the Modulo function: function ecal(){fh=document.forms[0];def();aa=fh.a.value;zz=fh.z.value;fh.n.value=nn=aa-zz;eeo=15.75*aa-17.8*Math.pow(aa, 2/3)-0.711*sq(zz)/Math.pow(aa,1/3)-23.7*sq(aa-2*zz)/aa;fh.eo.value=eeo;corr=11.18/Math.sqrt(aa);if(zz%2==1){if(nn%2==1){eeb=eeo-corr;;fh.oo.value=-corr};if(nn%2==0){eeb=eeo;,fh.oo.value=0}};if(zz%2==0){if(nn%2==0){eeb=eeo-(-1)*corr;;fh.oo.value=0};if(nn%2==1){eeb=eeo;, fh.oo.value=0}};fh.eb.value=eeb} Using a While loop, modulo, round to calculate binary from decimal numbers. Absolute value Math.abs()
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